Growth in U.S. hydrocarbon production from shale resources driven by drilling efficiency

8:37 am | April 2nd, 2014

Article from Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, March 2014 Drilling Productivity Report The productivity of oil and natural gas wells is steadily increasing in many basins across the United States because of the increasing precision and efficiency of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing in oil and natural gas extraction. Many resource-producing basins are experiencing an increasing… Read More →

Tracking the Drilling Rig Feeding Frenzy

8:25 am | March 18th, 2014

Article from DrillingInfo. Two trends have come together to produce a frenzy of drilling rig activity across the country. First, modern tight oil and gas development continually requires a large number of new wells to maintain and increase total production volumes. Separately, rig cycle times have been on the decrease, so that the number of… Read More →

Gulf Coast set for Bakken-like boom with liquefied natural gas

5:51 pm | February 23rd, 2014

Article from By Joshua Rhett Miller Published February 23, 2014 The energy boom that has North Dakota boasting the country’s lowest unemployment rate — and skyrocketing real estate prices — could soon do the same for the Gulf Coast. Dozens of facilities are set to sprout up along the Louisiana and Texas coasts to… Read More →

U.S. may be inching toward oil independence

10:03 am | February 12th, 2014

Article from By Paul Davidson. U.S. oil imports are down 17% since 2010, helping narrow the trade deficit. U.S. oil imports fell sharply again in 2013 while petroleum exports rose, leading some analysts to proclaim that a new era of energy independence is just a few years away. Experts largely credit new drilling techniques… Read More →