Zach Harbort Lead Systems Architect

Before joining Peritus, Zach served as Lead Software Engineer for DecisionPoint Systems in Tulsa. He was tasked with the architecture, development, and implementation of software solutions for several notable clients including Fortune 500′s Johnson Controls, Sephora, and Airway Services, LLC.

During his graduate career, Zach led a Human-Computer Interaction laboratory specializing in future technologies at the University of Tulsa’s Institute for Information Security. These efforts were made possible through funding by the United States Department of Defense. Zach was charged with the development, implementation, and supervision of the institute’s mission to produce technical discoveries in the fields of Information Security and Human-Computer Interaction. He authored several publications on the topics of security engineering, collaborative user interfaces, and data sharing. In addition, his duties extended to seeking funding opportunities by serving as liaison between iSec and industry.

M.S. Computer Science ’12
Thesis: A Device Fusion Framework for Secure Collaborative Environments
Institute for Information Security
University of Tulsa

B.S. Information Systems Technology ’10
Enterprise Security Group
University of Tulsa