Featured Employees

Zach Harbort

Lead Systems Architect

Before joining Peritus, Zach served as Lead Software Engineer for DecisionPoint Systems in Tulsa. He was tasked with the architecture, development, and implementation of software solutions for several notable clients including Fortune 500′s Johnson Controls, Sephora, and Airway Services, LLC. During his graduate career, Zach led a Human-Computer Interaction laboratory specializing in future technologies at… Read More →

Liang Kong

Lead Computer Scientist

Liang has dedicated a half-decade to research at the University of Tulsa. He heavily specializes in spatial awareness and tracking technologies and has authored several publications on the topics. In addition, Liang has contributed to the fields of STEM education, Critical Infrastructure security education, and Neurological imaging. His accomplishments have gained him recognition from organizations… Read More →

Job Opportunities

Web Application Engineer / UI Designer

3:39 pm | June 8th, 2015

About Us Peritus has developed an innovative solution, ArSite, to track designated assets in real-time. The system represents this activity in the form of raw data as well as in real-time on a 3D representation of the site and/or physical structure. To better present this data and facilitate development, we are using the latest in web technologies… Read More →