Drillers Answer Low Oil Prices With Cost-Saving Innovations

9:50 am | May 12th, 2015

Article from nytimes.com By CLIFFORD KRAUSS MAY 11, 2015 KENEDY, Tex. — These are lean days in the South Texas oil patch, with once-bustling roads and hotels now empty as the price of oil has plungedand rig after rig sits idle. Still, production has barely declined, a testament to the rapid gains that oilproducers are making in coaxing ever more oil… Read More →

Why OPEC can’t kill the U.S. oil boom

11:30 am | March 19th, 2015

Article from money.cnn.com OPEC all but declared “mission accomplished” this week in its efforts to thwart U.S. oil production. In a report Monday, the cartel predicted the U.S. shale oil boom could be over by the end of 2015. The world has too much oil production at the moment, and it has caused crude oil… Read More →

Fracking helps America — whether you like it or not

3:46 pm | January 13th, 2015

Article from pressconnects.com Energy continues to make headlines. While New York refuses to issue permits for high-volume hydraulic fracturing, oil broke the $50 a barrel mark, bringing gasoline to $2.50 a gallon nationally. That’s more than a dollar a gallon pocketed by drivers every time they fill up compared to last year. Thank a fracker!… Read More →

Oil price drops: Don’t panic, really

1:50 pm | December 15th, 2014

Article from fortune.com The recent drop in crude prices won’t kill off the US shale oil industry. It’ll just make it more efficient. Profit margins and break-even points are relative not only to the price of oil, but also to the cost of doing business. As oil prices drop, producers will undoubtedly renegotiate their ludicrously… Read More →

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