PRESS RELEASE: Tulsa-based technology company, Peritus Resource Group, issued patent for mobile entity tracking and analysis system.

12:40 pm | July 21st, 2015

Tulsa, June 30th, 2015:
 The USPTO issued United States patent 9,070,275, covering the Mobile Entity Tracking and Analysis System. The innovative technology from Peritus, marketed as ARsite™, provides the oil & gas industry with the revolutionary ability to virtually realize 360° unbiased operational transparency in both real-time and retrospectively for analysis. This new system allows companies to better monitor on-site work activity.

ARsite, a patented system, is a robust and scalable solution that takes a location (indoor or outdoor) and virtually represents it, then analyzes all motion-based, on-site assets in real-time (primarily humans & moving machines). Each asset is issued a small, unobtrusive tracking tag and an associated profile containing identification information, privileges, permissions, rules, statistics, etc. All “tagged” asset activity (motion, zone interaction, etc.) is projected in real-time on 2D and 3D representations of the physical location. This real-time visualization allows supervisors to manage all asset activity and monitor compliance from their portal (on-site and/or remotely). ARsite simultaneously records and stores all activity data. This recorded data, coupled with local weather conditions and other accessible integrated systems, are available for on-demand and/or retrospective reporting for analysis. This produces an endless variety of customizable business intelligence outcomes used to manage compliance, shape safety training, increase productivity, efficiency and ultimately maximize profitability. The ARsite system from Peritus is primarily focused on worksite safety, compliance and efficiency.

Peritus Resource Group’s headquarters are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Peritus Resource Group LLC was founded in January 2013 with intent on compiling a world-class team and determined to gain access to the most advanced technology available.  Latin for skilled / expert, “Peritus” Resource Groups’ goal is simple: collaborate closely with customers and applicable experts to increase efficiency, functionality, productivity and provide revolutionary safety metrics; ultimately resulting in the safest environment for the workforce while producing economic benefits with far-reaching influence for shareholders.